im on a bench
 im on a bench
 tired of punctuation
 any more
 out of touch
 now 18:00
 fear of the outside
 sky kingdom
 sky kingdom
 now 18:00
 24 hours
 i hy
 i hy
 get pumped
 horndog misery
 horndog misery
 McVicker not van driesen
 planet office
 a lonely platform
 subconxxxvi: contaminant
 humans of flat
 i slept again
 pile of dead things
 im parked
 im parked
 im in a parking lot
 šŸŽ§downfall by fraunhofer diffraction
 i bought the call of duty battle pass for 4.99
 šŸŽ§paradise (feat. raff) -duett
 šŸŽ§paradise (feat. raff) -duett
 im at work
 settle down beavis
 settle down beavis
 humans of flat
 call of duty
 garbage land
 life long
 thinking about video games
 writing is something you can do if you still have thoughts
 Nihilism Wins. Letā€™s run.
 black light
 A fort
 new slang
 filled with
 a car
 everyone leaves
 subconxxxv: a motel parking lot
 EEver Since
 who i was
 Mirror room
 Music by the week
 nothing left to do
 Back pain
 Think about you
 I keep getting spammed because I registered some domain names and it fills with rage and hatred and
 Sitting outside
 A moment later
 A minute
 A small amount
 out of bed
 work work work work work
 In tears, always. In years, always.
 thrown up
 a single path
 Priorities. Alone.
 A pill
 Get to you
 a waste of writing
 Like all my exits
 Nighttime. I watched piper sleep like we were really together
 In the sea
 Band Aid
 In a carousel
 Loved my self I'd be shooting you
 invisible vein
 too tired to be myself. too tired to dream or go on
 the commonwealth
 A million reasons I tel myself not to go out. But there's at least one reason I should.
 back on earth
 a mess
 a park bench
 a denial
 Settling down
 i'd say goodbye if it made any sense
 a womb, an obliterated womb
 An invisible hell
 bum fight
 A pill to make the bleeding stop
 living in seats
 near end
 šŸŽ§what if we could
 fading into a tiny needle point
 parallel worlds
 People, using
 do i dream
 where am i
 sea turtle
 next time
 next time
 next time
 hope and facebook
 Bathroom break
 I shouldn't write at work
 Turn off pain
 Distractions; not suicide
 Plugged in feelings of usefulness
 standing up
 Doors and windows
 House in the past
 Please please please
 A grey sky that seems endless
 far away
 Helped. Neglect.
 the way it was from the last of us
 Regret fixating. I need the charisma of youth to survive.
 the world
 Why wouldn't she respond to my messages, and why do I matter so little?
 an animal wrapped in newspaper
 Belonging and glass
 Too much
 electric streets
 the future
 group projects
 wonderful world
 a painting
 phone conversation
 A cloud of smoke
 Some kind of stranger
 A call
 Try afaun
 held back
 turn off pain
 dream world
 twisting street lights in the darkness make me lonely, too
 subconxxxiv: we fade to grey
 im special
 racing past life and into a comfortable grave
 big screen
 a walk among lizards chipmunks and foxes
 injustice / punishment
 worth & purpose
 reading music
 im a nightmare. monochrome
 cold medicine. third day of a seven day.
 poor hallucination
 a name
 the minimum wage
 in sleep
 video games
 to make you numb
 new ideas about old things
 three days
 Petting her ears
 cat vomit
 constant food consumption
 Loser, lost.
 rain falling
 Today's panic attack; today I ran.
 in this house
 paper trails
 Hell's not hot. It's grey.
 a bird
 crystal caverns/lotus
 better nights
 Stern Grove
 A blonde in Grace Cathedral
 "The sky was blonde like her"
 last night
 Disney princesses
 wwwwwwwvague feeling of almost crying
 trees & stars
 subconxxxiii: leaving
 subconxxxii: breaking
 and then i went to the water
 and i will
 all around
 sky animals
 morning walk
 this world
 in love again
 the law -emily jane white
 the limb clinic
 shitty beliefs
 subconxxxi: Serenade
 goes away
 fairy dance
 I didn't look at much but I saw a lot.
 just now
 a maniqueen of depression
 fight song
 i wasn't so entranced with hearing myself speak because i was entranced with hearing her speak
 in place
 in it
 I never ever believed in me.
 White trash
 subconxxx a trip to the teeth
 a girl called
 I think I should see a doctor again
 sitting in bed with a gold cat
 people insects
 subconxviii: kurt
 love yourself
 time, no
 jack in the box
 turn into the whole wide world i made up
 infallible pool
 Three notes
 went to move car
 looking at plants.
 fuck it and fuck her.
 help me
 brother and mother are fighting
 everyone will come.
 car cushions
 a train
 kitten kats
 subconxvii: unmoved
 wish #1
 i wish that i could be a king
 Im going to try to think of this thing
 subconxvi: stand
 what is this
 every girl's my girlfriend
 child on the side of the road
 friend bed
 You have cured a million ghosts from roaming in my head
 leaving hope three times in a row
 leaving hope
 leaving hope
 Soldier of War
 subconxv: iceskating
 drop that zero and getwith the heroz
 joy division
 this is a dialogue that needs to end it needs to end so that i can write things
 another dispute between two disparate places
 but still scary
 tum dum dum
 i changed the world
 running shoes
 bursting fruit
 thank dairy
 i bought lemonade and brought moshi to a party
 i bought lemonade and brought moshi to a party
 leave a scare
 goats so many
 a toy piano in my head that doesn't produce a single thought
 short pieces
 this stupid song describes my every night
 made sick by the bitches
 toy poodles
 everything pure is constantly being corrupted here
 knife until the final nice
 "So far, so much between…"
 fading like a glass balloon
 not that i ever really did??
 meandering still meandering me me me
 we apologize
 sob songs
 fuck this fucking day fuck
 III arena fight
 nice until the final slice
 legs knuckles knees
 am i getting dumber
 the end again again
 it sucks
 happy america
 "give me your hair i'll never give you flowers"
 I have no more left to put out, oh god it's almost over isn't it
 round like a poliwhirl
 ice cream sunday
 ice cream sunday
 ice cream saturday
 prim n prime
 most of the time
 This is a very uninteresting and pedestrian entry, but I need it to figure out what the fuck just happened.
 im on wellbutrin
 short one
 angry entry
 1 3 4 49 10 2 3
 subconxiv: disappear, alleluia
 "sound turned off"
 "a glass balloon"
 keep your head low
 i don't want to be tested
 feeling like a blob
 im feeling like a dog
 burned down
 if i walk away i won't care if you lie or who it's with
 don't know why i care
 mind's made up
 mama mia
 stack unstack
 sleep time
 Won't know why
 a balloon
 in ten years
 broken sticks
 01 i hate her i don't hate her.m4a
 "there's a man all alone, telling me his friends are gone"
 other things
 when it rains it pours that is what they say and it's apt
 16 clumsy and shy, that's the story of my life
 looked at him
  subconxii: bodies
 ears and mouths
  subconxi: kitting
 Some do it fast
 A lot of things went wrong even though I tried to believe they weren't.
 Creatures stuffed and plush
 i say it's me or drugs, you choose drugs
 stgand drivebackhome
 house on fire
 trying to find gba games
 rhyming synthesizers
 no need for flowery descriptions
 bad handwriting broken cameras broken everythings
 world in photograpphs
 boy and a cloud
 clean sheets
  subconx: petting bee
 I like this here
 the end of sandwiches
 friday 13 and miscellaniia
 'somebody's baby boy ain't coming home tonight'
  subconix: brothers
 Pop-Tart: Exhaustion eats up three days
  subconviii: I'M SO EMPTY… here without you.
 Little Wooden Dolls
 Popple Bangin'
 Hot Dog Story
 Photographers are the backwash of Entertainment
 This one is about Scarlett Johansson
 subconxii: Seven
 need more eye-close
 subconxi: bright red
 Box ROT
  subconix: found and lost
  subconviii: piss is sterile
 I must fix it.
 Flower + Suffocation
  subconvii: Shampoo and Dicks in Tree
 Lithium and What it does
 Black Things
 Chicken Brewskies and Rabbit Keys
 This one is too convoluted
  subconv: angie at the door
  subconiv: batsun
 Abloy, Betty, Child, Old Man
 I.R. Chicken
  subconiii: eminem
 Nacho is life
 Death Cock
  subconii: betty
 50 Cent and it's a DollarrDollarDollarDollar DD33
  subconi: graphic
 Piano, Popple, Middle Aged, Dopple