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Didn't make it
June 13, 2022
Yesterday was my first day off of work since they said they can't accommodate the injury their shitty equipment and policies created. So I went to a park I always go to run.

On my way out, saw a small creature scurrying on the ground on the other side of the fence. Looked like a rodent but was a baby bird that just kept walking around and chirping.

Didn't want to pick it up because of the lie from Big Bird that you cant touch a bird or it'll be ostracized. but I wanted to see if it would let me anyway. It walked into the palm of my hand.

Was holding it to my chest like a tiny baby, walking to my car. Tried putting it in my InfoWars box to minimize contact, but it tried jumping out. Didn't even think it could jump. Tried nesting it in a pillowcase. Was going to take it to park staff to see if they could keep it somewhere warm but they looked kind of like they'd blame me for touching it. Consulted with friends. Tried putting it back on the other side of the fence but it kept trying to come back to me and when I walked away it kept coming back to the sidewalk, eventually falling off the curb. So I consulted again and put it in the pillowcase in my box. Stopped chirping as long as it was being held. Once in the pillowcase it would dig itself in and bury itself and just be quiet. Took it to the grocery store parking lot and seemed okay when I came back. Thought maybe it died but didn't want to disturb it. It still looked like it was breathing, but it's hard to tell when you look at something long enough, especially with the patterns in its down. Apexed in the parking lot. Went home. Kept the bird in InfoWars box inside of Game Fuel box and went to sleep with it next to me. Checked on it today and it's still quiet. Looks like it didn't make it. Don't think it's my fault. I'm glad I ended up taking it because shortly after I tried leaving it, the night became cold and dark, and because the bird kept digging itself into the pillowcase I think that was probably the place for it. I don't know if life and death means anything. At least it ended up swaddled in a pillowcase next to someone instead of on the pavement, in the cold.