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June 18, 2010

Hi dairy.
I'm having panics about money.
I want to design a t-shirt with my face and my friend's face and my dog's face and have our imaginary band name on it and give it out to friends, but I don't have Photoshop. My mother was going to help me get it but didn't.

Every time my funds drain, I begin to panic a lot more, because even though I'll tell myself I'll work during some time in the future, it seems so impossible when it becomes increasingly necessary.

Then I started Logic, and it prompted me for a serial number. That made me freak a bit because my copy is not legit, and I'm not sure how to reinstall the legit copy that I do have, but then it worked.

Sick of feeling powerless. My dad is trying to find me a doctor. It's hard to leave the house for simple things, so I hope I get a doctor. I want to make money and leave.