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May 06, 2004

I was being driven around by my brother when I saw a black and white cat callously run over by a white sports car. I ran out and pursued them on foot, barefoot, but I found no one.

There was going to be a recital/performance/thing in front of a large audience. I was nervous as hell but I wanted it so badly. I found myself with my clothes falling off and I made an attempt at covering myself when people I mistook myself for were mocked.

A love letter that wasn't meant for me made its way anyway.

I needed to piss. One of the bathrooms was filled so I went to another. Closing the door was tough because it had four points which connected magnetically to close and on those points, in addition to the larger magnetic part, were three little guitar plug-like things that connected and everything was difficult and there was an even smaller guitar plug and I connected almost all of them, enough to get the door closed.
But then I realized I didn't want to piss with the next stall wide open, where the guy reclining on his toilet seat as if it were an easy chair could see me.