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September 30, 2009

Dear Dairy.
It is 10:19. I woke up at 6 am went to bed at 3 am, I am barely thinking striahgt, I want to go to sleep, but I need to write this first, i need to print some essay,s write an essay, fuck punctuation and fuck spelling propelry

so i saw psyclon nine, i went there, and for a time, it wasn't worth it, and i was so fiucedi just felt like i was constantly dying, i knew i was suffering. i considered leaving. i didn't have anywhwere to go.

none of the bands were interesting enough

i photographed psyclon nine's set, just on the edge of the stage,

they were the closest thing to marilyn manson that i've seen since long ago. i realized an essential difference. marilyn manson now just plays the songs,and reacts to them sometimes. psyclon nine is constantly inputtting outputting, inhabiting the music. this is important. they lit the stage on fire and that was a good excuse to move to he back the fumes wrere too stron.g

i think i was a downer to my frineds,, which sucks because i dont want to be. but i mean, it fels good to bitch, andi was bitching.
got home and felt like crying over and over, felt good to see good music, felt inspired and also small, but mostly good about the music but i kept tearing up i don't know