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January 01, 2009

dear dairy and friend(s)
do you ever wish you could blow your head off and find a new one in the clearing smoke
i do. all the time. i look over all i've done, and i hate it, and i hate myself, and i want to kill myself and pop open a brand new life like all the soda pop i've consumed throughout my fat miserable career as a bloated stinky carcass
dear dairy
i went to san francisco on new year's eve
dear diary
i didn't stay till late
i got a headache
my pain my pain
My graine
was finally invited out, finally, but
great experiences i had during the day
but being with people would help
haven't heard from anyone today. because i am a corpse
hard to write about what i experienced, the enthsuaism is gone replaced but i saw slacker and then i saw stories in people and then i saw how people entertainted themselves without interneter i am internet internment in term meant in terms of in terms in terms in terms