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November 05, 2009

Lately I have hardly had any soda, at least compared to other times. I made up a new rule where I have soda with soda-appropriate meals, and just drink something else, usually water, for anything else, and it is weird how it has affected me on a deeper level than I'd expect. Like more than just mood-wise.
Last night, I woke up at 3:30am full of energy. I walked my dog. Security at the school bugged us. Annoying. Why do they have to shine their lights on us.

they don't

just stroked my dog's nose, and it was the most soothing, wonderful thing

I also found that i have less of a need to eat as much. I mean, I should probably eat a little more since i keep feeling hungry and that sucks´┐Ż

i also think im more willing to try different foods. today i went to a food place i'd never been to before. i don't know. it is like the soda pop was some weird crutch that determined what i did next, like on some deeper level. i don't know

and i just tried watering down some juice, even though i'd always expect that to be a bad thing. but it is not bad. it's actually pretty good. and i'm pumped about it

i don't know what's going on or why i feel different.

i had some soda tonight, that was all, though and don't particularly crave more

ihope it's not just from the full moon

my friend's gf is kicking him out. she has not done it yet. i think he deserves it for being mean to her and everyone else. i don't think he deserves to die or anything, but i don't think he's owed a place to live.

i think he could stand to be nicer.

day after hallowe'en, went to the beach, late, with my father and the husky. the water was so beautiful and difficult to describe. the world was bathed in a neon light as the sun set, the water was painted in rich colors, impossibly rich. cake-frosting like. i ran to the water and ran away with my dog laughing and yelling oh my god oh my god

the water was so thick, it was almost still, it was almost dreamed
the sun set harshly, darkly till the moon was peering at us, creating silhouettes of people as they walked on the shelf lining the beach, creating photographs
the fog selected us for a diorama. we were kept inside a tiny, tiny outside, large, infinite space