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June 28, 2009

Dear diary,
Shalom from my iPod touch. It is 9 52 and as I left the house it felt so strange. Like the planet was manufactured beautifully. It was so clear but the fog was there and the world was in a way that I had never experienced. I think what an said may have been correct that the world stays the same but our minds change so the world seems to be changing. Maybe there have been many nights like this where the sky was like painted and the moon posed vainly. Surrounded by its adoring halo. But maybe my mind wasn't ready to smell the air in that way.
Went with my papa to get a burrito, and that was ho-hum because my mind was occupied with other thoughts but we went driving down a diversionary way since I flipped off a guy whose bass was too low and I didn't want to be stuck with him in traffic and we found a park near my dad's house he never knew about and we walked in there a bit and found dragonflies a blue one and water and mint similar plants. There was a commemorative plaque mentioning people who camped there the same day we were there but 232 years ago.
I have been working out and feel undead again but not in a zombie sense. Pretty neat.