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Smoke State
August 28, 2021
Hard day at work. Think maybe the smoke made me more tired than usual. Thinking about that chick too much. Then later jn the day remembered how much she ignored me after constantly bothering me to talk to her. And how much that hurt and made me so anxious and insecure. Making me cry by the end of the day. Embarrassing.

Work ended okay, was folding shirts and talking to manager about how the CIA are fuckin losers dressed in elite uniforms. Took me over a year to get even that comfortable talking to him and now I have to get used to this guy who makes me so uncomfortable.

I am very tired.

I stopped by mom's messy house to walk the dog and ended up cleaning his water bowl and taking out a big contractor bag of trash since fruit flies were all over the kitchen.

Sitting in car and want to be in bed.