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May 16, 2017

Can I just go to work on my days off so I don't have to spend any more days off preoccupied and dreading the return to that place of dishonesty, harassment, anxiety.

I don't know why I'm targeted but I am. I am much more frank in speaking now than I used to be. That, and other invisible reasons, could be why.

One of my too many supervisors called me a failure as a person.

The upside to all this is I think I effectively saved myself from being fired by documenting everything since the date of my probation, so that all of her nonsense about me not doing my job was completely annihilated in one email to her and those above her.

I just want to enjoy my days off. I'm in a nightclub writing about this because it preoccupies me so much.

Some things will change though. Either I'll leave or change the entire structure of the place. Something to be optimistic about. I might make a difference for everyone at the end of this, not just myself. And if not, if not, at least it will finally end.