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August 14, 2021

I would like to look forward to returning to my hovel and playing Apex Legends but that company disgusts me more every day. From their creepy partnership with the ADL to the communist badges being forced into my inventory to this Daniel guy being fired for blog posts from fourteen years ago. Disgusting snitch commie culture being propagated in that company and it disgusts me. I spent more money than I usually do on that game but at least the disgust makes me less attracted to it in general so I don't have to boycott, I just kind of lose interest more by the day.
Another layer of disappointment is that the guy should have been fired for being a pathetic left wing activist bitch and also kind of a slimy cunt, pinning his tweet telling everyone to out their "abusers" so he can unfollow them. Get fucked dude. I hate the reason he was fired, for offensive jokes, but at least he's a piece of shit who would do the same to anyone else in the name of proving how good he is. Too bad there will be a worse person in his place.