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July 22, 2021

Dread following me around today. I said which days I'd prefer to work but made the same fucking mistake I always make at these shit jobs of trying to be agreeable and say any would be possible but I have a preference. Anyway the schedule now is a fucking inverse of my preference, so I'll have to work the same days as the manager which I'm stressed about. I hate working with him, I always feel super on edge like I can barely speak. And now they have mask rules for non vaccinated. If they ask not that it's anyone's fucking business, I have a family history of heart problems and it will explode if I get vaccinated. The post September 11, 2001 security theater is so much worse now.
The schedule change may br temporary and I hope it is, and I told the other guy I have to go with my dad to his appointments and shit on some of the days I was rape assigned. Really trying to make sure it's temporary. Still need other work. Life is stupid, one big bureaucracy. Feels like there's nowhere to run anymore.