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November 28, 2013

cyclobenzaprine. to sleep not to feel less pain
by the end of the day i am so wound up on caffeine sugar and salt.
fast food is normal until it's nighttime and i feel like crying

the new dog gets along very well with other dogs
walked him a night and was struck by a painful feeling
i thought of my my deceased, and how he always wanted to be around other animals, but he never knew how.
and it hurt again.
I have moved out. But I am staying in this house one more night. I will be just down the street.
but everything's wilting, so many unknown feelings, a completely new situation, unable to process it. anxiety coming at me from all sides. if that woman i like doesn't want to come back with me to this new place, i am worthless. what if someone saw the garage door open and steals everything since no one is staying there tonight. the little boy on a bicycle next door shouting at me to go away. not wanting to talk to the neighbors because they scare me. even though that's neighborly.
just take another pill