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subconxxxv (corrected due to past instances of mistaking v for x)
August 30, 2022
Third day of not talking to her, but I came by to see her in her warehouse, in a city, maybe San Francisco, last night. It was I think the first time in a while that I think I can say I slept last night,
not the following morning,

early or late.

I was asleep last night, which is relief.

Nice warehouse. Two handicapped parking spaces in front. It was a Friday night, felt like one. Maybe a big show nearby.

Part of the night was in a movie. But it was daytime there, and some supernatural or super powered phenomenon was happening. it seemed connected to her warehouse, like it was all on the way. But the laws or the story were different.

so around her warehouse was nice. Busy. Long line or lines spanning block or blocks. Electric and dense. It was a good balance to being with her indoors, which was warm and solitary.

The colors of her place were soft and subduing. Deep blues sometimes. Soft whites. Lambs. Lamps. Not a lot of room inside. I don't know why it seemed like a warehouse because the amount of space I walked was very blocky and vertical. like a less satanic version of the xbox. Narrow stairs that lead up to an extra room that was probably a kitchen. which then turns back to the way we came to a bedroom with a tv. and I think another stair set leading down. to the entrance. Kind of odd to have two stairs. Maybe it wasn't designed that way by someone but was just the way it should be while I was there.

I think we laid down and I hugged her. Don't think anything weird happened. Think we just talked like we do when things are good. She always reminds me of the girls that disappear when she shows up, and when I wake up I'm relieved she's still here. Sometimes I cant believe she's real. Like I'm so lucky to know her.

I think we stepped out once. I suggested she rent out her parking spaces to Conan O'Brien attendees. But I'm slow because that's probably not legal. To keep the cripples spaceless for profit. We went back inside to where it was warm. I was just visiting. She used the place for her work. She seemed to have it really well put together. Everything was where it should be.