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May 03, 2009

dear dairy a lot has happened i still don't work i'm still a child i'm still old i don't feel much like writing but i think it's because i need to catch up so i can continue i met two different people, one is one year younger, one is eight years older, and they are both great. older one has a bf who scares me but seems nice too, but i dont know younger one is crazy and her weird offonalwayson relationship is fucking crazy and fucks things up a bit i am on the phone with an so i guess i will go. my next update will be about the workflow front i suppose 22:11 i am off phone so here is my thing met a pianist might do a thing i don't know how rhythm works music is scary met with one of the head honchos very helpful and kind gave suggestions for joining the music department seems really good at picking up on what people want to do so i hope to do something