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March 22, 2022
it's so hot and i feel so sick typing on a bullshit phone keyboard is too much for me i hate this unresponsive bullshit. i thought i was just doing it wrong when my first iphone felt less responsive than my ipod touch but now i just think apple is a bullshit company that succeeds off failure

its so hot and i feel so irritable and i spent way too long cleaning a bathroom and even cold air feels like nothing i need more cold

i get like this sometimes maybe allergies eyes hurt horribly huge headache teeth hurt all pain its been like this for too long its gotten. so so so bad

friend i thought dumped me told me too busy to be online as much for now not for good and after not really talking much it feels like its for good and i feel like all the enthusiasm i found to realize how important she is to me was wasted because now i feel like most of the time i've been engaged it was with someone who isn't there anymore and i was really talking to myself. said she doesnt forget i exist when away which is almost like saying thinking about me which kind of comforted me but i dont feel comfortable today i feel alone and like anything that happens to me is just going to be be written down or something instead of said to friend. too many important things going on over there to really waste time on my parasite life