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September 28, 2009

I went to get gas last night, and do laundry. And homework. A girl approached me at the gas station, telling me she was stuck without gas and could I spare a few dollars, but I thought she might have been a charlatan, so I asked her to bring her car, and I would put in five dollars, and she did. So I did.
She said her mom is evil and wouldn't put more money on the card. I don't really doubt it since moms are evil. She didn't think it would be enough to get home, but I think it was. She didn't seem to be implying I should give her more, either. So that was nice.
I told her to go 55MPH, and she asked if that would help with fuel economy, and I told her to stay in the right lane.

At the laundromat, I spent almost an hour just making my contrapuntal synthesis assignment look even. I went to Lucky to buy smelly soap and a juice. At the next laundromat, I did my work in my car, by the light of the outside. I listened to Leaving Hope.
Today. I brought my microphone to school for the first time to record lectures. I met Hafez afterwards, to discuss the music program, and because I think he is a kindred spirit, and is open-minded, and not cruel. And he thinks it is fine how I approach music, and he thinks that it should not be so tied to income, or fame, it should be a person's growth every day. I talked about making noise. He said I remind him of one of his children. We walked all the way to the music office.
Today. I saw a dog walking up the street. It kind of scared me, so black and lumbering. I called it over, put a leash on it, walked it home.

Today. I wrote a story about an object. I wish i could write better, but it will have to do for now.
it is meant to be simple, and chronological. i think it might just make me look simple and chronological.

Objet sonore