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Literal Fuckhead SF DA
August 24, 2021
Listening to a lot of stuff about Larry Elder today. He addresses all the stuff I care about, but I'm trying not to be too optimistic because election security here sucks, and I don't doubt the demonry of his opponents.
I don't think I have much in common with him, and I think that's good. Politicians have become so debased, they often just reflect the most fucked up of the voting base. I want to feel up crazy chicks and drink and be a total psycho. I want to vote for the person who doesn't do those things so if someone like me ever wants to run for public office, they aspire to be more disciplined, religious, consistent, stoic. I don't want to be up there. People who want to party should just live their lives, not millions of other people's.

I don't want Scott Wiener, the proud kinkster who wants to give everyone AIDS affecting anything because he doesn't care about us. He just cares about fucking guys imparting that on the world. Chesa Boudin similarly is so wrapped up in communism he releases murderers into the city because he doesn't care about people; he cares about how he looks and being a good communist. Everyone else is just fuel to them. Sexuality and everything carnal should be the last thing on a leader's mind. So many politicians are so preoccupied with bodies. Very creepy Very weird.