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June 10, 2006

I've pushed my body too far, but it doesn't mind much, when society isn't pushing it back, when it can be lazy, and unencumbered by obligations or any of that adult garbage.

I went out of state, stayed up all nights, heat and nose bleeds, fell in love sort of, maybe just confused, but it was nice to feel something unpredictable and exciting.

Came back and went to a birthday party, was planning on getting back early, finally got back to my house around 7 am.
nonstop nonstop
totally sleazed it up and traded a girl secrets to let me feel her breast
just living up to my reputation
stayed awake in a daze all day
took two naps. one nap was initial, the first of the night. then another, still tired, looking forward to the real sleep.
didn't eat last night or in the morning, finally had a slice of pizza in the afternoon.
i am somewhat empty, in between , of people and their cleavages
i laugh a lot
being aware of my constant desire for bigger, better things, has made me more aware of when i am truly grateful and happy to be with someone. friends, huggers, pupples.
listening to silent hill theme repeatedly