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February 12, 2005

I was walking from room to room and place to place and became suddenly, extremely aware of the sounds in each place separated by walls or plants or doors. Through one area was the heavy sound of an industrial dishwasher. It faded as I left and went through the hall and out the door. I heard the sounds of little black birds and then, through another set of doors, the sounds of people being busy. Out the next set of doors it was quieter. Then the quacking of a duck. I laughed at the silliness of the situation. It made me think of that interesting web game with a little blue fellow who needs to make a dam work and goes from pipe to pipe, opening and closing things. Each place was distinctly different. It's very noticable in games. I think that might be because they're flawed. There are places where the sounds are kept that you can approach and move away from, but it's not really true to how sound is. I like moving to and from places and hearing how the sounds fade and change.