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July 03, 2005

I walked the dogs tonight.
I sat with the black dog on a bench, looking over the cityscape and admiring a long bridge that floats off in the distance.
As I got up and untangled the dog from her leash, I noticed someone else looking over the landscape.

My perception of individuality has been somewhat different lately. While I still express myself as an individual and find it important to my humanity, I also feel that I don't necessarily need to see that cityscape as long as someone else does.
I think that consciousness may be less important than existence itself even though we tend to attach a lot of significance to consciousness by talking about life after death and that sort of thing. As long as someone experiences life, it's okay if we don't.
It's sort of comforting to know we're all made of the same stuff, that we all come from stars and that we're connected to everything we perceive.