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March 05, 2019

Woke up depressed and weary of the repetition. Thought of the possibilities, visiting my dad and cooking with him, hiking, going into the city and finding quiet and unexpected events.

Played Let it Die to look for parts. Mom stopped by with burritos. Normally I only see her behind a wall of junk in a dirty house. I felt like I could engage with her in a normal way, and I was glad to see her away from that mess.

I went over to walk_dogs, and saw a car that had apparently swerved off a road and up an embankment. It was oddly still. Traffic going by as normal, the driver sitting in the front as if nothing happened.

The last big accident I saw was while walking_dogs: a car going so fast that I heard it squealing well before I saw it flip in the air over a railing and over a hill. I called the cops but didn't know what else I could do. Before that, I remember a few years ago, was a car flipped over with a man just yelling repeatedly that it's his dad, it's his dad. That time I did even less, and was nervous about my passengers doing something. This time I was more involved, pulled over, called cops, walked over to the car and checked on the elderly driver. Did she need anything, the cops are on their way, is she going to the hospital, maybe she should because we don't always notice injuries. Okay.

walked_dogs. Historic broadcast with Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, and Twitter Jack. Very important.