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June 03, 2013

Took the new pit for a walk to deliver a letter to my grandmother. He is a better dog in every way and that bothers me. He doesn't pull. He can go nose to nose with a mosquito dog and not freak out. He looks at other dogs but doesn't jump up and bark. Even though those were all such obnoxious qualities in the husky, their absence just reinforces the loss. When I got home, I removed the dangerous animal tag from his collar, so it wouldn't just be another item in the pile of kibble, and am going to replace my Marilyn Manson keychain with it. I wish I had walked him more. It seems so easy now, looking back on it, but I was too stressed, too selfish, too complacent to move. And then he died.

Trying to make things work with the tattooed goth. I think it's a lot of trouble, and midway through talking about it with her I sort of wanted to tap out. But I feel a need for her. I at least want to finish playing Deus Ex with her. And teaching her to drive. And delivering her Kinivo speaker to her. I think I'd like to focus on fucking her more, too.