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April 05, 2022
my mom hounds me every month for car payemnrt ever since my dad covered my cc bill. its like theres always an emergency. like she just blows all her money once someone else owes her. when i didnt have more money there wasn't a problem. but once she knew there was money, i was on the hook. if i ever get rich while shes alive i can never tell her because she will drain me of anything i can use to build my own life. i fucken hate it. i need to pay my dad back for covering my bills i think its highest priority, but once there's money or space available she just dumps all available money or space then dumps the emergency on me. and i want to pay him back because he doesn't do what she does. makes me want to do the right thing
really making me feel so much rage without knowing why. then i remember, its because she has my number. i should have given her a separate number i hate how its like she lives in my phone. way too close to me.