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October 05, 2011

for my walk on the beach tonight, the moon cast its shadow from and over me, the sky was thick with indigo and dark white round clouds, and i listened to Les Mamelles de Tir�sias which did not seem appropriate for the nighttime, but it was. Wished I had the gothgirl with me. Wished I could share it with someone. But I wondered if after the first time, after first taking them on one of the trips I take to calm after a day, if I would have fulfilled my goal and therefore be uninterested in doing it more. Whatever the case. I manhandled a girl in front of her tonight and hoped it would make her love me.
As I walked down the beach, I saw shapes fast approaching, fat scurrying little shapes. Animals, Night animals, scurrying fat little beasts. And then I felt I would turn around. They didn't seem shy, possums or raccoons or maybe even skunks. Rounded beasts.

A call earlier today from a friend who let me know Steve Jobs died, a friend from the same period that I was totally obsessed with Apple, and it seemed fitting, and it was nice to hear her voice. And I was sad. And I was glad to hear her. As I walked the beach, I thought of how he wouldn't see that moon. I hope there's an afterlife. I hope there's way for the dead to see the moon.