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Selling Sickness
December 05 2021
Thinking about the He-Man cover of What's Going On

The original was this really ugly song with this gross woman, like, just making weird faces at the camera and making her voice sound retarded and crazy. I remember hating it but I also had the CD single so I don't know what the hell.

So she was singing about being all fucked up and getting high to deal and looking back on it, looking back on a lot of things, I think we were sold sickness. I think it's fine and possibly good if you have an outlet to deal with your problems, but why was it being sold to us? Constantly? I liked art about being damaged and I still like it, and it provided somewhat of an outlet, but it's not meant to define your identity. It's like fast food that was sold to us as health food, and now with subsequent generations, the sickness seems so pervasive it's not even recognizable as anything outside of themselves anymore, or something that could possibly be sold to them. I think if I could get through to anyone who is overwhelmed by how oppressive the world seems, I'd tell them to understand how many influential people benefit from their feelings of alienation and weakness.