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August 22, 2011

There's a zombie apocalypse and the survivors I keep encountering are too messy to be with. People keep being taken. Climbing to the top of something the critters can't get to, but then one does, it's a small dog, who's driven more mad by the taste of a blanket.

Keep encountering different shootings. Another one in a mall, and a girl is bored with running, so she decides to wait around to see what the authorities say to do. I went upstairs with someone else, and the shooting and the screams seemed to be coming from nowhere and everywhere, the location shifting slightly constantly, with no obvious point of origin. Then it was right behind us, and she went into a store, and I kept going, and then the shooting was louder. And the same department store I went through before was shutting down again, and the black guards were casual about it, and my car was right out front, and I took off.

The lanes were uncertain. I had to choose the one I wanted in the intersection. Their symbols were unrecognizable. Once I was on foot, a riot began to happen, and it broke up, and I told a cop when it was happening, and they acknowledged it, and kept walking. A fight broke out in front of me and then everyone was friendly with each other, and I suddenly felt out of touch with time now.

A girl did graffiti on a police truck, and boasted about how she just saw a cop a second ago.