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January 19, 2010

As I approached the path that borders one side of the prison, I noticed that the white stripes on my Adidas track pants were glowing. This made me feel like my dog, because in twilight, he glows too. I never walk the path at night because it's starkly black compared to everything else. Shockingly, too. Because it is an open path.

On the path itself, the sky was teal and covered in purple clouds. The wind rushed onto my face loud and persistent. A frog cacophony filled my left ear continuous but also reminiscent of whac-a-mole. Little frog heads leaping up, in the midst of frog sea.
To the right, a storm drain emulated the frogs. I felt like the frogs were the darkness, and as they grew louder, everything would grow darker. And they did. It felt like the world was ending. The sky felt very close, the frogs kept growing. A plant crawled briefly across the path before stopping, looking at us, and then becoming stationary again. I whistled so that the rabbits would know we were coming. I wondered if I sounded like the end of their world. The path opened up deeper and tighter, and it felt like the fingers of my ribcage were tightening around my heart, squeezing it clumsily, keeping it encased in a purple and teal place, black and encased in white lines. I was frightened near the end, but I had to keep going, and when we emerged on the other side, at the college, it was night. The Skyline College drivers are reckless and stupid. I think their brains must be made of Spam. I didn't feel like doing the passive-aggressive thing where I dare them to hit me, so I avoided them by staying on campus. I considered a security officer who might tell me I can't walk on campus with this dog. And I kept hearing,
I have been here since I was born
I will live here long after I die
I have been here since I was born
I will live here long after I die.

My mother called me again, and when I saw that she left a voicemail, I said "oh fuck off". And then I saw there was an accident on Sharp Park Road, and all the idiots slowed down to look, as more idiots sped up oblivious, to shriek behind the rest with their idiot wheels.

As I entered, she asked if I had my phone, and I think she just wanted to make sure I wasn't hurt.