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July 30, 2011

For some reason, two of the gals I know who are involved who have seemed to express some sort of interest in me, are also lashing out at people who get involved with involved girls. Like one of them even had a problem with people flirting, and the other one I guess someone tried to get with her knowing she has a bf. That kind of gives me more incentive to be more scared of hitting on broads, but I guess that's a bad lesson to take away from it and I should just stay away from the ones with bfs no matter how much they seem to be INTO ME. I think some of my friends wouldn't like me as much if they knew how I view them, that I do really think it'd be cool if we hooked up even if they are involved. I mean I wouldn't like that they'd do that, since it'd be kind of disappointing to see them be dishonest. But I guess if something did happen I'd be like a cowboy riding a cow or something, I'd be all into it. LITTLE DO THEY KNOW. LITTLE DO THEY KNOW. but anyway, hearing that from my friends hurt my ego a little. I was like, "huh wasn't she alwways flirting with meeee". It kind of hurts my feelings of attractiveness to see them lay it out like that. Turns out what I interpreted as flirting was just her being nice! And even if they talk about me being attractive, maybe they mean it the way a sibling is attractive. I have to get over this. I need to not be caught up in insecuirty as soon as I get a little attention. Beh. Beh. Beh. Beh. bHE. beh. beh. beh. beh. beh. beh. beh. beh,.