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August 13, 2016

I need to write quickly because I'm on the clock. I just keep arguing with her in my head and I know if I get too mad then she wins. Obviously she left me after I posted that thing about trying to see how good things are between us.

I think about telling her how all her pseudo mysticism is to make up for her extreme emotional unintelligence. How wrong it was of her to keep a friend who has no room from entering her room because it might create bad energy. I want to tell her the bad energy wasn't in anything but her shocking lack of compassion to prioritize a "feeling" to maintain "positivity" while essentially creating a class divide. So back into the car I went. So she could maintain all that positive energy.

Positive energy means nothing. It means nothing to treat people inhumanely for some "higher" power. Because of our actions toward each other don't serve positivity and higher purpose, then all that stuff about energy means nothing. It's just a lie. I hope she feels the emptiness in the room. That there is negativity and it didn't come from letting me in. It came from shunning me when I most needed help