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I had to space this entry throughout the work day so I wouldn't get in trouble
January 29, 2022
I fucking hate work.

He said he doesn't appreciate my tone even though his response to me when I confirmed something from last week was annoyance, saying LIKE I SAID LAST WEEK

Have to space this entry out because working fuck working fuck jobs i hate how hard it is

One hour into the work week and I'm completely burned and stressed out.

By default I feel low and any enjoyment I get out of life is a win. So when I get talked to like I'm stupid, inferior, worthless, it feels like too much. Like I can't stand or move or exist as myself. Everything feels uncomfortable.

And my mother seems to always have a special request when work makes me feel like shit, demanding I pick up a prescription after work while I already try to keep things organized in a way that is already difficult for me, like I've been trying to study for a better career and haven't done it effectively in several days, and it'd like her ideal version of my life is just spending my days cleaning shit up, being treated like shit, and then being on-call for her after work and on my days off.

I feel like I could pass through a million pyramids and would always be on the bottom.