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July 22, 2015

The pain of getting older isn't in the drama of a lana del rey song, it's in becoming utterly irrelevant, in being passed over, in friendships broken that leave you with less meaning than you had before.
i've had two people turn their backs on me within the past month, one of which i was supposed to work on some music with, which made me feel like i had something to work with, something to look forward to.
i'm tired of these people who waste my time, these people who are flaky, these people who waste my time, who leave me crumbled in a heap, with no motivation, no future.
go fuck yourselves you soul destroying monsters

my friend has a good idea, not to share something meaningful with new people until they share something meaningful with them
sick of their shit
shit they feed into my mouth and then they keep walking with a dopey look on their faces