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January 31, 2007

Dear Dairy

I talked to the grocery store/class person.

I did not mean to. I figured the grocery store is a good place to go. even if I am not trying to throw some game at her. so I will go there to get water.

She was at a register, but the light was not on, so I did not use it.

If the light was on, I still would not have! I'm not a stalker! I'm just there. to buy things. for myself. as quickly and efficiently as possiple.

So I went in a line between a lady. The shortest line, because my job is efficiency, not STUPIDITY.

Then her light turned on, I told the woman in front of me that it was on, because even though my job is efficiency, I also have manners.
But she was fine where she was. Happy. She had found happiness in that spot in front of me.
I needed to pay for my waters (two, one for today, and one for tomorrow because I am not going to come there every day like some sort of creep. I'm not THERE FOR HER ANYWAY. I'M THERE TO PURCHASE WATER).

So I went there, and my nervousness didn't consume me like yesterday. I asked her if she was in my class, she said she was. I said I'm digging it, she said she's the stupidest one in the class. I agreed. FOR ME. THAT I TOO SHARE THAT.

I didn't know I was that nervous until I signed the receipt and realized I was shaking.

I hope she doesn't think I'm gross like most people.