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Think they left
January 31, 2022
So I haven't heard from my friend in a few days after I kept being upset by things and went a day without talking because all these things I brought up were ignored or unmanageable and every time I tried talking about normal things it just kept hammering my head. Ironically or actually because of it, I've been more interested in their life and asking questions and being grateful n shit to have a friend but I think I'm normally very self centered and don't really ask questions for a reason, because even this person who I thought would never leave me finds it repulsive when I start opening up more, like I'm a wound because along with opening up comes way more emotional investment and expectations and being hurt by shit all the time and then I just kick everyone away because I cant fucking function. Also testing medication dosages probably doesn't help with that. Anyway I'll send one last Good Bye message because it makes me feel nauseous when i expect to hear from someone and never do Good Bye