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August 18, 2021
Just showed up on my day off for a quick training because I assumed I'd be getting anywhere from 2-4 hours of pay just from what I've heard before. But afterwards he's like "oh just put down an hour even though it was less than an hour" or something, like it's a favor. But my mileage has gotten so bad and driving sucks so bad, it isn't worth showing up for one hour of pay.

I wrote to HR just asking for clarification on the minimum amount for a day of work. It was hard to send because I just kept rereading and retyping, and it kind of made it more obvious why I resist spending time to apply for jobs or ask about other employment opportunities; writing innocuous e-mails makes me nervous, and I get so worried about phrasing things perfectly even when it isn't very important. Basic tasks seem never ending.