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March 13, 2006

I got it on with my friend, and I kissed her, and I kissed her very passionately, and I bit her lip, and was very forward, and it was strange because I am normally afraid to even kiss, or do anything. Or find myself.

It was raining fiercely. My car was surrounded by water, and we had to go. To get kicked out of a house. We were on a mission of unawareness. So I crept very carefully around my car, throwing my items in, making sure the water wouldn't seep into my boots, as it fell from the sky. And there was a whirlpool in the ground.

I watched Freddy Got Fingered with three friends. It was so good. I've never watched it with people who liked it.

I bought the newest Skinny Puppy album and I think it is great, and I keep listening to it, especially DaddyuWarbash.

I had two hours and fifteen minutes before class, and I was exhausted and depressed and unshaven. So I went to my car, closed my eyes, refused to leave the car until the alarm in my phone went off.
The alarm in my phone is very quiet, so I woke up four minutes later, which was fine, but disconcerting, but the sleep was comforting, and then yoga was good, and the conversation was good. And the music was good.