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April 12, 2010

There is a girl in my musicianship class who makes me sick by the way she treats books. She is overly aggressive, gripping and slapping the pages rather than turning them softly. She has even done this with my own books on occasion. She also conducts hunched over, practically slapping every beat, staring at the page like a confused ape.

My musicianship teacher made me mad today, but after class, when I went to move my car, I decided to drive arround and ended up at a parking lot over the beach. Inquisitive, cautious adorable crows approached my car. One ate a small bone I threw out. I often throw out compostable items, hope this doesn't make me bad. Lied down in the back with a pillow, studied and sang my musicianship work, fell asleep listening to Lycia's Estrella, woke up and did more work.