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What a Shit Show a Boat is
September 26, 2021
Had to go out on the water today for an important ceremony.

Thought of her because I was on the East side of a bridge I had once crossed to see her. Fantasized. Wished she'd somehow end up on the bridge, in parallel, and see me on the water and recognize and love me. I guess that would make me a siren. If it happened.

Fortunately the emotionality of being near the East Bay gave in to the physicality of being on rough water. Had to go to the bathroom the whole time, lost my hat, radio receiver kept flying off at my face, thankfully not knocking my glasses into the water, slamming into jagged waves, jagged like rocks, assuming I'm holding on tightly enough and then losing my grip and almost hitting my face on the dashboard, bashing my knee into the lucite whatever I'm holding onto.