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July 26, 2021

Went to bed but fortunately didn't end up sleeping all day. About to head out. Listening to Bill De Blasio torture any workers who don't get vaccinated making me so angry and sad. Requiring them to mask up indoors at all times with weekly mandatory testing. It's obviously just sadism. Even if you aren't totally disillusioned and mistrusting like I am, someone can still be "safe" sitting alone in their corner six or twelve feet away from everyone totally isolated. That's what I would do I am used to isolation. but no you have to be sit in your corner, mouth covered and if you have breathing issues like I do, suffocate there too. I hate the worship of safety. We are never safe and we're less safe when sadists tell us what is in our best interests. Fuck him and everybody who chooses total state control. It's like Trump made a switch go off in people's heads that made them willing to do anything to enforce ideological and now biological homogeneity. Like it's evolved from the subclasses being those who voted for him all the way down to those who want to be left alone, and now it's about the uniform you wear on your face and the chemicals in your blood. I can't listen to any more of it.
Back to DrDisRespect. Trying to stay pumped and motivated to gtfo of here.