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March 23, 2022
an uncommon amount of people at work seem to have problems with me. even people who i think i'm on good terms with go around and say stuff about me and snitch on me

i liked receptionist, but she just seemed really mad today. wonder if submanager turned her against me. i don't know if i should take it all as if theres a problem with me. seems counterintuitive to assume theres so many losers. maybe i suck at my job. who cares anymore. but at least with receptionist i can go with the idiot version of things since she does whatever the tv tells her to. like defending that judge who keeps giving p├Ždos lighter sentences, and defending cops killing people at that 1/6 event. also totally against privacy and ok with being spied on by corporations if youre not doing anything wrong. maybe im just not direct enough. i hate asking people if they have a problem because then i think all my horrible self image issues will be thrown at me high speed