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November 12, 2006

The seemingly boring but large breasted metal girl in my anthropology class turned out to be in another of my classes, and she ended up liking me because she liked my drawing on the clock and all my other drawings. She was an artist, too.

People were throwing oranges, elongated oranges, off the trees and up the road, and some of them landed in a big fishbowl, and fish burst out eventually. The oranges were goats, as well, and inside the goats, we could see the fish poop. That was gross. Didn't mean to look at the ass. But then we could also see the fish moving inside, because the light shined through, and I realized it was important not to waste oranges.

Saw Morrissey perform. He'd become a big black girl by now. It's been long enough. He played Late Night, Maudlin Street because I requested it, but he made it more fun that I like, and he took too long to get to the sad parts.

The show took place in my room, and one of her people took my bag out, and that was bad, because I was worried he'd make it touch everything else in the house. I think my cat was in my bag, too. I ran through the kitchen where he either was or I suspected he was, but he wasn't there. I ran to the front where I could hear him making sound, but I couldn't pinpoint it. I noticed a bulge in one of the closets so closed it so tightly on him. He fell out and I punched him repeatedly. Opened his shirt, and my cat came out. I felt so badly about slamming the door on her. Opened his face and a cat's head. Opened the rest of body and cat's body. He looked like my cat's old brother. I tried to discuss matters with him, but he'd only meow back. I figured he didn't understand me, and there was no point in trying to communicate anymore.

My bag was cleared out, perhaps in the kitchen, I don't know, but it was time to clean it. I missed my laundry window, however, and the day was at its close.