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January 05, 2009

Comparing the maps between Zelda games and real life, the locations of huge special items matched the locations of European cities.
Met my soul mate somewhere, at least that's what she thought, and I was more tentative about it, but I sort of believed it, too, but I thought that maybe we just reminded each other of people we once knew.
kissing her became less passionate and more thoughtful as time went on.
she introduced me to her friends in this unknown town, one played brushes on a drum machine in a place like wal-mart. the others played other things, and determined who would buy who mcdonald's
their lives seemed uncomplicated and pleasant. they seemed contented, and she seemed like a callback to a time of hope and optimism. it was my own thoughts that called me back to a horrible world that i'd created for myself
we went into a volcano full of lava, but it cleared its way for us
her father worked in donuts, and she would call an African donut person often, perhaps his name was sydney or saphne or or some other name like that, almost a nigel but not quite
we were supposed to meet at a place, but I was lost, a stripper hit my truck with her door as she opened it, i was glad it wasn't my small car, she left white lines, and she was fixated on white lines and her friend was fixated on good times and getting high, and this song played that doesn't exist, about white lines and good times and getting high
i left to find my [maybe] soulmate but i don't know if I ever did
as i pissed into my toilet, I wondered if she was existing somewhere, i wonder if she mourned as i faded away or if it was all in my head once again, like the sad world i walked into afterwards