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September 13, 2009

Rain changes everything.
I wondered if the dog on his way out thought we were in a separate world than the usual one. I don't think so. I think he must understand that the environment is just altered.
Rain calls attention to unfamiliar objects. It changes the texture of things, the animal activities.
Rain is the most wonderful thing to come from the sky.
I went to study, went to eat fast food. I wanted to see someone, I wanted to share the weather with a person.
It smelled and sounded just like the only time.
the only time I was on my own, away from my mother
And I wondered why being homeless for too long would come back in the form of nostalgia.
I would move from bathroom to bathroom hill to house, bus to ground
Pursuing my love of a girl
never made the trip, though, until one day later, one time later, when I did, and hid in her closet.
and her mom found me
and that was horrible
so i was homeless
and when the weather is cold and bitter
i think back fondly
and i don't want it back but i miss something
so i went to study, and then i went home
my friend came down from sacramento but didn't call me because she never did
and i should sleep soon