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July 21, 2021

My father was working outside my bedroom window. I noticed there were new plastic bottles of industrial toxic liquids over my bed. Didn't recognize them as mine, put them in the backyard. Then noticed my collector's edition boxes of games, Mankind Divided and probably Dishonored 2, had their cardboard caved in and popped out. They were ruined and I suspected my father of crawling through my window and smashing everything.
I crawled through the grass of a real life video game but couldn't hide. Found a small wooden shed. Surrounded by search party. Tried to cover a slot in the wall with a bloody rag or my hand but concerned doing so would expose me more. Noticed a wide open horizontal slot spanning the length of one of the walls, totally exposed.

In my book of images, I found two 8x10 photographs of ugly Mexican men, I think he had been in my book. Tried to sleep everything off on top of my mother's bed, set up the way it used to be. Tried to keep control, but didn't feel like my things were uncontaminated.