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December 18, 2011

A world of exaggerations. My mother owns a school but is practically hostile toward the children. A mother comes to pick her kids up, calling them fags and other unsavory terms. I tell her how well they did. A pub alongside the children where the employees work. A dress made of shells, but shells are clich�d. Let's add some sea-like things to make it a real sea thing. My mother eats slice after slice of pizza and she is practically dwarfed by them even though she keeps growing larger. I pull them away, because instead of just watching her destroy herself, I am active in this world. I make my thoughts happen. The gothgirl, I'm going out with her again, me and bob dole, but this time I hate every second of it, I hate her bitchiness, her princess attitude. I see a punk friend outside going to another show and she's happy to see me, says I should come. The mulato girl I used to flirt with, she's at a table in the club with the gothgirl and she pushes her plate off the table when she is tired of her food. In that moment I am glad that I no longer speak to her. I dread that Psychotica is going to play there tonight. The goth was bitchy when I didn't know where we were going, might become more bitchy when Psychotica comes on, and there's no crowd, and they're not as good as they were in 1996.