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February 14, 2004

Did I double the Lithium? I was manic, moving rubber bands, so on so forth.

My eyeballs burst out of my head so I grabbed them, crying meanwhile, popping in Tylenol. Everything was okay.

I didn't want to be seen on Valentin's but I was. I thought I saw Betty's boyfriend. If it was her boyfriend, I hate that guy. If it was not, I still hate him because he is a guy.

Antichrist Superstar is the album of playing after you have been dumped or after finding out your girlfriend has a boyfriend so she isn't really your girlfriend, she's someone else's. DAMN, you take it for granted. Tourniquet, especially, so I played that. You can also play The Wall but it's not handy if you want to keep moving.

Reginald is gone. I flashbaked to the time when we were on our way to San Diego or back again. He was there, I believe. Yes, that was the time. We were passing Pleasanton where I had benn dumped by my girlfriend for someone meaner. Some people feel the world is not right without abuse. We blame pedophiles and wife-beaters for these.

Betty was especially nice today and I don't know why. She drinks root beer and so do I.