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August 19, 2009

dear dairy
went to county fair with poppa today
got lots of calls from lady today
ate lots by goats today
heard sheep they sound like vomiting
saw cows look cute
saw 4h teens slap pigs around
saw 4h teen slap cow around
saw steers bash each other in heads
saw a goat step on another goats head
i would return your calls if i knew it would lead anywhere than how it's been
bought a six dollar lemonade less than an hour before closing
tried to get enough refills to make it worthwhile
going to have lemonade for breakfast
i want to masturbate now
i want to make out right now
possibly while masturbating
i think my dad could have scored with this fat lady who tagged along all day. she was kind of annoying, but i think he could have. but then he was so unsmooth.
damn it dad
oh man oh man!

there was a free petting zoo. and i crouched down because i like to crouch with the animals. and this goat just ran up to me and jumped on my knees and then he ate my hoody
and i was like dude noooooo
but then i realized i didn't care. who cares. it's an ugly hoody anyway
so then i just chilled out while this goat ate my clothes
i felt enlightened

beautiful sight of the day. little 4h boy lying down on his goat