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August 13, 2006

I was going to watch the meteor shower with some friends, so I took a nap. because I was exhausted. I felt lonely. I could have slept with my cat, but she controls my movement too much, so I brushed off an old Poliwhirl plush toy (Pokļæ½mon) and slept with it. I know that's kind of lame. Really lame. The lamest.
My friend called me panicking because she thought her house had an intruder. So I rushed over there, stomped up her stairs, and brought her along, to shower it up.
We didn't really end up watching the sky. I sometimes did when planes would pass through the clouds and would look very Sky Captain. I also enjoyed looking at the stars, but not too much. That's more of a solitary activity, and one with which I must be fully engaged. It can't be fully indulged in as I engage myself with other people.
It was good. We made lots of dick jokes.
My friend told me that when she got back home, some of the doors were open, and apparently someone had been in the house, so I'm glad I insisted on picking her up. How creepy and unpleasant.

I think I'll sleep with the Poliwhirl again tonight. Because it is a good, faithful thing, and will be there in the morning.