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January 30, 2006

I got a haircut today. The woman had a really thick accent, and a deep voice, and I thought she was perhaps secretly a man, but then I realized she is all woman. She sounded sort of like the Persian girls I now. She was actually pretty cool, and I think I'll go there next time I get a haircut. She was talking about her weight with a coworker and just asked me "how much do you weigh" and I was like "excuse me?" and she was all "how much do you weigh". And I was like "whoa". She said it in a very deadpan way that was kind of funny, like she has no idea of what social etiquette is and I like that.

Manners were created in order to make every single social action of the day incredibly difficult and shameful. Mundane interactions such as parking your car, buying a smoothie, or eliciting freaky sex are made fantastically complex with the long, drawn-out social handshake that we call manners.

I left Mechanical Animals on when I left and when I came back it was on MM and the Spooky Kids WOWOWOW thats a lot of MM the end