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July 18, 2021

Tried getting serious work done in the form of sitting upright and Apex Legends and I did really terribly and eventually just wanted to leave the house to get a sandwich and move my car and then realized I am clammy and probably actually sick. This is like when I had another terrible night with the chick from last year and woke up early, got all up in her and then wanted to sleep and then she was like oh so now you want to sleep, then went to a pumpkin patch where i paid fot everything and we kept fighting then she didn't want to make the best of a bad situation and just wanted to leave and then on my journey home slept in a rest stop, my skin aching, head aching, nausea, had to keep going to the bathroom every time I wanted to keep driving. That's like now. Not too bad now though. Then later, another time, I think when I made it back, I mentioned being sick, and then she said "wait you were really sick?" like it was some weird lie I told, then she promptly forgot about it again.
I just really don't want to die, and become useful as a stupid meme like "youre not comfortable with the jab?? maybe youll be more comfortable in the GROUND like this person now get it or go to prison you stupid bitch" because they're always too wordy